Quality Brands


We carry a popular line of 

Peerless faucets, sinks, 

garbage disposals & accessories,

 as well as supply lines & connectors.

Calling All Do-It-Yourselfers


We are the do-it-yourself plumbing project headquarters for Eastern Oklahoma County! 

Priceless Advice


Let our knowledgeable staff help you with any questions you might have! From washing machine parts 

to gas fittings & parts, 

we can point you in the right direction. 

Shark Bite Pipe & Fittings

Push-to-connect design for PEX, copper, CPVC

We carry push-to-connect design for PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT & HDPE installations. You can also pick up your pipe cements, compounds & sealants, as well as pipe insulation & heat tape. 

Toilet Parts


We supply Fluidmaster, Korky and 

Flush All toilet parts,

 toilets, toilet seats, 

drain parts, cleaners & tools, 

valves, pipes & fittings, 

even septic tank treatments.



Check out our Reliance water heaters, parts & accessories, 

water softeners, water coolers, 

pumps & accessories 

as well as yard hydrants.