Lawn & Garden

Gardening Supplies


We offer a range of Wheelbarrows, Utility Wagons, Yard Carts,

Pull-Behind Carts, 

Tarter raised flower rings, 

and much more! 

We make your yard work easier, 

year round! 

Fencing & Decking


 We supply treated and economy 

fence panels, pickets, t-posts,

 landscape timbers, 

Tarter tubular gates, and more. 

We also supply Moisture Shield 

and Trex Composite Decking.

Lawn Care


We stock a supply of 

Bonide, Spiz 17-6-6, Pro Green, Fertilome, and Pennington 

along with many other 

brands and accessories. 

Railroad Ties


We stock a large supply of

 #2 used railroad ties 

year round!

Gardening Tools


We carry a vast selection of shovels, weeders, gloves, garden scissors, soil knives, rakes, hand trowels, pruning sheers, hoses of various lengths, and much more!

Concrete Steps


We have a range of various 

concrete steps. 

Inquire with an associate 

about delivery for your step!