National Hardware

National Hardware

National Hardware


National Hardware is the leader

 in builders hardware today 

with more than 

15 product categories 

and over 6,000 SKUs. 

If I Had A Hammer

National Hardware

National Hardware


Since 1923, 

Estwing has designed 

and  manufactured 

nail hammers, 

axes, pry bars, 

outdoor, geological, 

roofing, bricklayer, 


and specialty tools. 

Irwin Tools

National Hardware

Channel Lock Tools


Irwin hand tools and power tool accessories are built 

for performance and reliability. 

Who needs Irwin?

Do-It-Yourselfers, Metal Workers, Drywallers, Roofers, 

Electricians, Plumbers,

Framers, Woodworkers, 

General Contractors and  Masoners.

Channel Lock Tools

Saw Blades & Cutting Blades

Channel Lock Tools


Built Strong.

Works Hard.

Won't Quit.

Channel Lock 

pays attention to 

every detail 

to provide tools that 

don't just finish the job,

 but defeat the job -

plain and simple. 

Saw Blades & Cutting Blades

Saw Blades & Cutting Blades

Saw Blades & Cutting Blades


Diablo's trademark red, 

non-stick aluminum alloy coating 

shields the blade against heat, 

gumming and corrosion. 

The proprietary carbide formula provides a controlled carbide wear 

that stays sharper up to 4 times longer then standard carbide.  


Quick. Clean. Precise. 

Saw & Recip blades, Sanding, Drilling & Boring, and Cutting & Grinding

Hand Tools

Saw Blades & Cutting Blades

Saw Blades & Cutting Blades


Millions of professionals choose DeWalt Tools. 

DeWalt has a rich history, 

and proven performance, 

focusing on innovation and technology.

Stanley Tools has built a legacy 

by producing some of the most 

well known hand tools 

and storage products 

in the world.